Saturday, September 17, 2005

This picture was not taken by me. I have no idea who holds the copyright.


Blogger Pecos Blue said...

still a cool picture. Who should recreate it with you in the picture.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Silly Adventures said...

too hard of a question for a sunny sunday morning. i'll contemplate about it later ;-)

11:32 PM  
Blogger iamnasra said...

How are you feeling and how is going on....Hope you having a good rest

10:48 PM  
Blogger Silly Adventures said...

hello nasra,
just a short 'i am okay' from up north. surgery went well,but i still have some problems sitting up. so not a lot of time at the laptop. cheers

10:36 AM  
Blogger Sue hardy-Dawson said...

Just dropped by from Nasra's, hope that's ok, to wish you a speedy recovery

10:41 AM  
Blogger Lorena said...

cool picture.
thanks for the sweet words you left at LIP. that is so cool how you stumbled upon mine and then started a blog of your own. i'm happy to meet another ani difranco fan.

hope you are doing well.
great meeting such a sweet person like you :)

3:15 PM  

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